Boat owners often say that having a boat is almost like having a second job or another child.

Boats allow us a great amount of freedom to explore the water and nature but they also demand attention: they need to prepped, cleaned, checked, and inspected regularly. At times, boats require extended repairs.


Vessel Management

Vessel Management

Owning a boat doesn’t have to be a full-time job. Your boat doesn’t need to be neglected or be a cause for guilt. Tiller Boatworks offers packages and customizable boat support services that cover everything from the occasional need to comprehensive boat management. Our services are ideal for busy professionals or snowbirds who enjoy the fun of owning a boat and just need support to keep the boat serviced.

Services Include:

  • Exterior and interior cleaning before and after charters
  • Weekly and monthly system checks and maintenance
  • Testing all onboard systems and stocking for trips
  • Developing and fulfilling safety and mechanical logs
  • Repair and dry dock management
  • Monthly dive service
  • USCG safety checks

Our mission is simple, we do all the work to keep your boat in tip-top shape so you save the effort and gain all the enjoyment of boat ownership. Whether you need occasional service or ongoing support, we have a service package that fits.

Boat Delivery Service

Simple Vessel Delivery Service

Owning a boat can be fun and help create amazing adventures and memories. But what happens when your boat isn’t where you need it to be?

We provide simple vessel delivery and relocation in the Tampa Bay area.

We are experts in planning and completing vessel moves and deliveries. Most moves typically involve relocating the vessel in the local area. For example, your boat is in storage at your marina in New Port Richey, but you will be vacationing in the St. Petersburg area and would like your boat there without having to personally move it.

Long Distance Successful Deliveries

We also provide delivery of a new or a used boat that has been purchased outside of the Tampa Bay waters. We work with private owners and also brokers to ensure that the desired vessel is safely delivered where it is needed – on-time and spotless.

  • St. Croix to Maui – Ocean Spirit a 65 foot sailing Catamaran: 7,282 Nautical Miles
  • Maui, HI to Tonga through the South Pacific – Gianna a 27 foot Sloop: 3,000 Nautical Miles
  • O’ahu, HI to San Francisco, CA – Manatee a 60 foot Ketch: 2,800 Nautical Miles

All captains working with Tiller Boatworks have been vetted by Captain Jake Tiller and are certified by the United States Coast Guard to command vessels up to one hundred gross tons. Our competitive moving and delivery pricing is done by project rather than by day. This ensures that our clients always know the total cost of the project upfront.

Service Packages

While we have a range of packages to serve the greater Tampa Bay boating community, please note that packages can be customized to meet your specific needs. Please contact us for details.


Admiral Package

Full management of vessel from bow to stern.

  • Complete system check
  • Complete wash down
  • Complete Interior clean
  • Complete safety check
  • Annual detail service (wax)(polish)
  • Quarterly dive service
  • Management of drydock
  • Consulting with owners on any project related to vessel management
  • Delivery of vessel

Captain Package

Maintenance and systems support

  • Complete wash down
  • Complete system check
  • Quarterly dive service

1st Mate Package

Maintenance support

  • Complete wash down
  • Quarterly dive service

Crew Quarters Package

Light maintenance

  • Fresh water rinse
  • Visual inspection of vessel

Prices are quoted based on vessel particulars such as type of vessel, length, location and condition.

Other Services We Provide:

  • Inshore and offshore deliveries
  • Dry dock management

Contact us for an estimate today.